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Monastery of Spilia – Lake Stefaniada

For those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature in the best way, to enjoy the forests and rivers of the prefecture’s mountainous mass, Agrapha East Argithea awaits them. Here the most daring ones will not hesitate to wander and explore the beauties of the region, to dedicate themselves totally to their mountaineering and their naturalistic passions. A remarkable stop can be the Holy Monastery of Spilia, located at an altitude of 1300 meters near the village of Koumbouriana. The first small church was built in 1064 and then in 1736 the largest church next to the old church was built. Within the church, the visitor admires the many hagiographies that are evident in the grandeur of Byzantine art. After our visit to the Holy Monastery, we head to Stefaniada. The beautiful landscapes follow one another until we reach the beautiful valley that hosts the village. The mountains around with fir trees complement the natural splendor. The culmination of this magic of nature is the picturesque Stefaniada Lake, which was created at the confluence of the river Petrilo and the Stefanoti River from the settlements.