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Project Description

Elati & Pertouli

Elati and Pertouli are distinguished for the wild vegetation, which gives the whole landscape a special splendor. These are mountain villages located at an altitude of 900m and 1200m respectively and surrounded by fir trees.
The above places are a base for many paths in forest paths, which is why they are a favorite destination for nature lovers and skiers that flood the Pertouli Ski Center every winter.

Elati of the last decades has great tourist development, offering its guests high standard amenities and flavors from its local traditional cuisine. It is undoubtedly the cosmopolitan of the prefecture of Trikala!

Correspondingly, in July and August, Pertouli is flooded by students from the Forestry Department of Thessaloniki, who benefit from the rich flora they possess, visiting it to do the internship.